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Felix Flechas is an expert in company environmental compliance strategies that take into account state and federal environmental regulations, and the principles of sound engineering practices. His regulatory expertise includes the regulation and enforcement of hazardous waste, superfund and toxic substance laws.

Mr. Flechas worked in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for 31 years and was among just a handful of national hazardous waste experts in the Agency and one of a few who was also a Superfund Remedial Project Manager (RPM). Because of his extensive knowledge, he testified as a government witness in federal court proceedings and inspected and evaluated the largest, most difficult hazardous waste sites involving complicated toxicology and environmental site conditions.

As the team leader for hazardous waste inspectors in EPA, Region 8, Mr. Flechas directed the Regional inspection team and personally evaluated industrial sites, including refineries, oil and gas production and treatment facilities, metal refiners, power plants, and waste disposal sites across the Region to determine their compliance with environmental laws, particularly the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). He has represented the United States government internationally and has trained officials in the most effective practices of managing hazardous wastes.

A registered Professional Engineer and Board-Certified Environmental Engineer through the American Academy of Environmental Engineers, Mr. Flechas helped the EPA develop policies and rules regarding regulatory compliance, risk assessment, site remediation, and worker health issues at waste disposal sites, hospitals, refineries, oil and gas production and power plants.

Mr. Flechas’ decades of regulatory experience and work with enforcement personnel allows him to understand the relationships between scientific and technical issues and their intersection with regulatory and enforcement issues. He can provide guidance on:

  • Federal and state enforcement actions related to RCRA, CERCLA and TSCA
  • Whether the EPA or state enforcement response to a violation is likely to be administrative, civil or criminal
  • Potential “waste exemptions” to RCRA
  • Who to approach within the Agency to present your case
  • How a civil or administrative case will likely proceed

Mr. Flechas has taught graduate-level engineering classes in environmental law and environmental engineering at the University of Colorado and currently teaches Environmental Law at the Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Education and Professional Registrations
Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, Walla Walla University
Master of Science, Water Resources/Sanitary Engineering, University of Colorado

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