Burnside Environmental Group can quickly determine the underlying facts of an environmental incident, alleged criminal violation, civil matter or potential toxic tort. Our team of investigative and technical experts can provide information and advice that is critical for the development of legal and crisis management responses and strategies. We have the ability to provide clients with the following investigative services:

• Conduct root cause and corporate internal investigations
• Re-create (mirror) government environmental inspections, search warrants, and environmental crimes investigations

  • Identify, locate and interview relevant witnesses
  • Document scenes
  • Assist legal counsel in understanding the science, sampling procedures and regulations related to government environmental investigations
  • Review and assess the government’s investigation, documents, evidence and procedures
  • Assess government environmental enforcement orders
  • Monitor the government’s on-scene enforcement activities
  • Provide insight regarding possible next steps and timelines for government investigations
  • Assist counsel to prepare for, and will attend, meetings with government prosecutors and regulators
  • Assist counsel with evaluating and rebutting opposing counsel’s expert witness testimony
  • Testifying at legal proceedings