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Mike Wireman, Associate
Mike Wireman


Mike Wireman is an expert in groundwater science, groundwater development, groundwater contamination / remediation, and groundwater management. He has extensive experience in interpretation and evaluation of hydrogeologic systems, aquifer testing, water supply development, ground-water contamination / remediation, hydrologic monitoring and western water rights. He has served as lead hydrologist at numerous regulated sites including hardrock and uranium mines, industrial sites (solvents, NAPLs and metals), and nutrient sites.

Mr. Wireman recently retired from the US EPA where he served for 28 years, the last 10 of which he served as a National Ground-Water Expert, where he provided scientific and technical support to EPA programs (Superfund, RCRA, Enforcement, NEPA, CWA and SDWA programs), He also worked regularly with other Federal agencies, International programs and ground-water protection / management programs in several western states. His position required working closely with policy makers, decision makers and attorneys. He has significant knowledge regarding Federal, State and local laws and regulations related to groundwater development and use, groundwater contamination and remediation and groundwater protection. Mr. Wireman has provided expert testimony in Federal court, State court, State Water Quality Control Commission, State Water court and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Cases involved water rights issues, violations of State and Federal environmental laws / permits and re-licensing of in-situ uranium mining operations. While at EPA Mr. Wireman directed applied research efforts related to hydrology of mountain watersheds, ground-water vulnerability assessment, delineation of source-water protection areas, and groundwater dependent ecosystems

Mr. Wireman has worked extensively in Eastern Europe (Estonia, Ukraine, Romania, and the Republic of Georgia), Russia, the Middle East (Oman, Bahrain and Iraq), and China as a Technical Expert with the EPA Office of External Affairs, EPA Office of Research and Development, US AID and The World Bank.

Mr. Wireman is an Affiliate Faculty at Metropolitan State University, Denver, CO., where he teaches a course on hydrogeology. He is currently teaching Basic Principles of Groundwater and Contaminant Transport for Ground- Water Protection Council. He has taught classes for the National Ground -Water Association, the Geological Society of America and workshops in Eastern Europe and Middle East. He is past-President of the USNC-IAH, serves as a Director on the Board of the Science and Engineering Division of NGWA, is a Board member of the GWPC –Groundwater Research & Education Foundation and a member of the Advisory Council for the Western Michigan University Geosciences Department.


Bachelor of Science, 1976, Geology, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI
Master of Science, 1987, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI
Post MS: Advanced Ground-Water Hydrology, Colorado School of Mines, Geochemistry of Ground-Water Systems (USGS advanced short course), numerous ground-water related classes and seminars on various aspects of hydrogeology, ground-water protection, remediation and management

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