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“Working together we can help Clients get control of enforcement matters when they are being driven by government lawyers and regulators. Having members on your team who know the government playbook will give you an edge.” – Fred Burnside, Managing Member

Why Burnside Group


We assist counsel with framing enforcement and technical arguments which respond to alleged environmental violations. Our Team will evaluate evidence and apply investigative, technical, and regulatory knowledge to develop alternatives to assertions being made by the government. These litigations strategies are unique and effective.

Our Team


During lengthy careers with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, each of us developed decades of regulatory and investigative experience related to environmental enforcement. Our “insider” agency knowledge gives the client an edge when developing defense strategies. Click here to learn more about
our Team.

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Our Services


We specialize in providing investigative and technical support services which assist counsel in determining the underlying facts of alleged environmental violations.” Click here to learn more about our Services.